About Ronni 

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Hello! My name is Ronni Rose Swanson and I am a Designing Fairy. It is rumored I am part or mostly fairy (don’t tell) stuck in a human body, but I’ve said too much about that. 

My Story - I love to invent things that help others.

When I was a little fairy, I wrote and illustrated plays with character names like Dog for the dog character, and Duck for the duck. At the same time, in elementary school, I had a Speech Teacher (at the time I often replaced my "th" for "f's) that got me hooked on learning with fun. I kept composition notebooks filled with pictures, drawings, cut-outs and visual goodness that matched how I learned -- hands-on and creative, and very visual. It was then I learned my Rubber Ducky Theory -- the idea that even the mundane can be fun, and that we learn best when the process is entertaining.

Fast forward today I am still drawing characters but they now have more interesting evolved names like Alabaster and Alfonz, and their wings or arms often move. I have a lot more training under my belt, a few degrees in design including a newly attained Master's Degree focused on technology and  design for learning, and certification in Media Animation. Through my business of many years I've invented illustrated products, books and online programs focused on empowering tools that help others to help themselves, including my international Fairy Online School of ten years, Healing Fairy Alphabet deck, Help the Sensitive books, and an imaginary mall design program. I design for kids and Lifelong Learners (adults' inner kids). I love coming up with ideas for companies, helping build projects from the ground up, and providing fun, illustrated graphics.

Fun Facts:

  • I love research and digging down a rabbit hole to learn, and then sharing what I have learned through what I create.

  • My role models include innovative teaching artists, Ed Emberley (teaching drawing with fun), Lynda Barry (check out Syllabus and Making Comics), Tim Burton (his drawings rock), the late Jim Henson (genius mind who brought invention to educational technology), and the late Edward Gorey (a marvel at pen and ink). 

  • I dig color and design in its many forms, and I have seen every episode of Project Runway, even the two new seasons, and the Making the Cut show, which I like less.

  • I love drawing sweets and discovered that I had a grandfather that was a baker. I had a blast drawing all the goodies in my Idea Emporium mall.

  • I am barely five feet tall. Very fairy-like.

  • I can talk to dogs. No, seriously, I was a professional animal communicator for fourteen years. That experience is probably why I draw so many animals.

  • I am partial to tutus and dancing, Modern Art, and anything dogs. Oh, and I have a fairy tent.


My Life and Crew

I live in very hot Arizona with a sweet talking dog who eats blankets, a bloodhound preschooler dog who is obsessed with tennis balls, my supportive elf husband who is schooling to be a psychologist, and three creative fairy step-children who give me ideas, one of whom expects me to pay him big one day in book royalties.

Little me
My elf
Toddler dog