Visual Literacy Project

TOOLS: Procreate, Photoshop
YEAR: 2021
CLIENT: Tucson Museum of Art

I worked with the museum to create branding for the PowerPoint presentations of TMALearn's Visual Literacy Project. For this project I was able to use my superpower: Ideas. I had free reign to come up with ideas for the PowerPoint branding initially. I designed up three different themes and they chose the Kaliedoscope theme, to be used in other branding.

_Tuscon_Museum_2 2.jpg
One idea spread that was proposed.
Another idea spread that was proposed.
Tucson_Museum_Adult_2 4.jpg
Tuscon_Museum_Adult_1 3.jpg
The Museum chose this one. 
4 Color Variations for different age groups.
4th grade image slide.jpg
Finished PowerPoint slides templates.