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Kudos for My Teaching

Happy Students

DAR 120

"I appreciate the fun and lighthearted approach Ronni uses while teaching this class. Fun but educational it made it easy to attend this class and would 100% take another course she is teaching in the future." 

DAR 120

"Professor Swanson is quite knowledgable and brings a refreshing approach to her instruction, and gives ample encouragement to her class."

DAR 120

"Ronni uses an educationally driven syllabus and provided a positive environment for all of her students. If I could take it again, I would."

Fairy Online School

"Your site and courses makes me feel safe and appeals to the child, so the learning doesn't seem heavy...and I am 52!"

"The beauty of Ronni's courses are that she provides just what you need in a pretty package."

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