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Unscary Haunted House
Drawing activity book
(Designing Fairy, 2022- 2023)

Activity book (drawing and design) for kids in the making. 

During the 100 Day Project I find an assignment in an illustration book for a "rainy day amusement book," and I loved that phrase. I was participating in my own challenge around Halloween and this sweet haunted house emerged of ghosts that didn't want to scare anyone. 

"Welcome to the Unscary House. This book was started during the pandemic and then abandoned in sadness. It is a labor of love created from a silly, innocent place inside of me, where all the magic is created. Recently, the ghosts called out to me to resurrect their book to be shared.  They need your help designing."

Digital illustration, graphic design, concept, writing

#drawing prompts #art lessons #design lessons #drawing lessons #art for kids #kids activity book #drawing activity 

Untitled_Artwork 86.jpg
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