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The Aviary in My Head graphic "hybird" 
Strong feelings aren't scary when they become birds
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Animated Flash Cards

Bringing the senses to the alphabet

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Masking Tape 2
Masking Tape 2
Idea Emporium Activity Book
Using design & the imagination
to blast through stuck thinking
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Hello from Ronni

Hello! My name is Ronni Rose-Swanson and I am a Designing Fairy. ​I want everything I create to provide tools to others to help them grow and thrive, always packaged in an entertaining and fun way, because I believe learning can be fun (my rubber ducky theory) even with tough, emotional subjects.


My creations are backed by my degrees in Design for Learning, and Media for Learning, two decades of designing and illustrating, and my long career in the healing and teaching fields. I create for the inner children in adults and kids.

I love to collaborate with museums, small businesses, publishers, and innovative teaching venues.

Contact me to collaborate! See my portfolio here.


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