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Idea Emporium
Illustrated Design Activity Book & online class
(Designing Fairy, 2016-2020)

My thesis work for my Master's degree produced an online class and an activity book and included an animated short I created while taking animation classes.  I had the gift of test-driving both with a focus group of adults and kids.


The Idea Emporium is an imaginary mall that sells goods to the magical community. Run by crows and fairies, children learn how to better problem-solve through designing. My idea was an online world with an interactive activity book complete with animated shorts, and my thesis focused on fun designed-based and online learning that increased engagement and learning.

The work was out of the box for my school, Drexel University, and a bit of a sell, but eventually, my teachers became big fans and even included my proposal as an example for future Grad students in the educational department. 

#creative thinking #design thinking #problem-based learning #imagination #art lessons #kid's activity book #art activities #teaching resources #art books for kids

Student, Andrea Green
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