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An Imaginary Mall Online Activity Book and World in the Making
Helping Kids & Adults Stretch the Imagination, Find More Hope, and Blast Through Stuck Thinking Through the Help of Design
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A little background: Now is the time for Think Out of the Box Solutions!


Do you suffer from the dreaded Stuck in the Hole Thinking? It can cause rashes, insomnia, headaches, frowns, and Tunnel Vision. What is Stuck in the Hole Thinking, you ask? When faced with a problem you can’t solve, do you give up? See only from the viewpoint of the hole in the floor and only see the walls inside the hole? Your thoughts speak of how it can’t work, it won’t work, with no solutions offered, only seeing problems.  


A visit to the Idea Emporium is your cure! There’s a magical mall with its entrance in an abandoned mall, which caters to the magical beings of the world. It's also a place where new solutions are born. I’m Ronni, the Manager of the Idea Emporium. I visited one day and the crows convinced me I was desperately needed, so I never left. Now I can share its wonder and magic with others who need it. 

Welcome to this new activity book in the making that teaches juicier problem solving and creative thinking to adults and their kids through design-based, fun activities, based on my thesis work. You can learn more about it on its own web page here.

The Challenge: Play with Me! Third Annual Design Prompts
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Grab your pens and pencils and your sketchbook and let's design! One a day in October, draw, sketch, craft or write draw inspired by the magical mall.

 Then share your masterpiece each day and tag #designingfairy or

#ideaemporiumhalloween so we can find them! I will share highlights from the posts.

Gallery for This Year - This is

Where I Will Share Highlights

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