Now is the time for Innovative Think Out of the Box Solutions!


Do you suffer from Stuck in the Hole Thinking? It can cause rashes, insomnia, headaches, frowns, and the dreaded Tunnel Vision. What is Stuck in the Hole Thinking, you ask? When faced with a problem you can’t solve, do you give up? Throw in the towel? See from the viewpoint of the hole in the floor and only see the walls inside the hole? Your thoughts speak of how it can’t work, it won’t work, with no solutions offered, only seeing problems.  


A visit to the Idea Emporium is your cure! There’s a magical mall with its entrance set almost hidden in an abandoned mall. I wandered into one empty store and I found it. Now I’m the mall manager. It’s a place where fairies sell bouncing cakes in the Bakery, tiny bugs rent mushrooms that fly in the Nursery department, and monsters that live under the bed are grown in the Invention Room. Lovely to meet you! I’m Ronni, the Manager of the Idea Emporium. I visited one day and the crows convinced me I was desperately needed, so I never left. Now I can share its wonder and magic with others who need it. 

The Idea Emporium mall has several departments: The Bakery, The Garden Nursery, Fashion, Toys, and Invention Room. Let's visit the Bakery.


An Introduction to the Idea Emporium Bakery: Animated Short - A typical day. Watch:

Come up with ideas to cage the rabbits!

Let's visit the Nursery and draw some Wavy Trees to sell!

Here's some trees kids and their adults made. So many trees!

Lots of different trees made by kids and their adults!

The Idea Emporium book and online world is in process right now! Come back often for updates.