Fairy Online School
virtual school creation and online curriculum for adult lifelong learners - Creative tools for healing with Nature and animals & help for the sensitive

A one man show: first of its kind virtual school of 14+ online classes for adults went international and lasted for ten years. Included workbooks, videos and digital media and all aspects of production and marketing. Created with Schoology LMS, inDesign, Video Production, Wordpress, Photoshop. Learn more

Alignment Interactive
interactive training for adults in aligning your business 

Made in Articulate Storyline, PowerPoint, and Photoshop.

Learn more.

Creative Remedy Box 
mobile app performance support

Video micro learning training when you need it. Made in Photoshop.  Learn more.


Creative infographics made in Canva, Photoshop. 

Learning Design - Adults

Contact Me for Out of the Box Learning Design