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The Aviary in My Head

Strong emotions aren't scary when they become birds
in this graphic "hybird"
"I am bird-brained."
According to an online dictionary, that phrase is defined as a "silly flighty person." I was once called flighty by someone who did not know me, but I do not fit that description. I can be silly, but I am very analytical. I fight feeling my emotions which may explain why my head is now filled with birds and that phrase does fit. How do I know this? Because one day the first one showed up on paper and it was obsessed with eggs. That's when I met my first Peribird and my strong emotions became birds. Later it would be followed by Pandemic and Duck Pond birds. It was that acceptance of my bird-brained condition that led me to embrace and free my Forbidden birds tucked away in cages -- the strong emotions deemed unacceptable by myself or others.
Welcome to my "hybird" in the making.
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