Web comic and Book: The Aviary in My Head

Strong emotions aren't scary when they become birds in my graphic "hybird"
I now have an aviary living inside my head. The birds help me draw through the three P's -- Perimenopause, the Pandemic, and general all around Pissiness.
One day I started doodling birds and eggs.I was fixated on Perimenopause and that odd transition I couldn’t define and I was told a story about "no more eggs." These quirky little birds stared at eggs, pondering how many were left. The birds evolved and took form. Then the Pandemic hit and Pandemic Birds arrived. And then the Pond Birds. I’ve been drawing and animating these birds every day, helping through my many feelings, including wanting to kill the kids, trying to rope in my anxiety, and resisting the urge to hide under the bed with my Cobi dog. It's now a web comic and I am creating a book. Become a Fan!

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