Web comic: The Aviary in My Head

I now have an aviary living inside my head.
One day I started doodling birds and eggs. I am not sure why exactly except I was fixated on Perimenopause and that odd transition I couldn’t define. These quirky little birds stared at eggs, pondering how many were left. The birds evolved and took form. At that time I was also taking a certificate class in Animation to add to my skills. The birds wanted movement. Through the recent Stay at Home Order, I’ve been drawing and animating these birds every day, helping through my many feelings, including wanting to kill the kids, trying to rope in my anxiety, and resisting the urge to hide under the bed with my Cobi dog. 

Today's Birds

Social Distancing
When Support Hurts
Is it hot in here? Needed a nice cold penguin on your head to cool off.
Raining down on me
Being an empath
Dancing with myself
in the living room

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