Introducing...My Portfolio

Pull up a chair and enjoy. Learning made fun & whimsical. 

1.How To Take Care of Your Dog

(animal care)

Interactive, Axure

Illustration, design, writing


2. the Healing Fairy Alphabet deck


product design & Illustration, concept & writing

3. Exploratorium Exhibit Proposal: Story of Place

(design lesson)

Illustrations and design

4. Expressive Arts Cross Curriculum Lesson: The Lost Thing

(art and language arts)

5. Infographics

6. What is Educational Animation?


Made in Premiere & After Effects

Hand-drawn 2d animation

7. Indian Gardens Clean Up Mission game


Made in ARIS

Photography, design, concept

8. Word Swirls (Element Children's Books) by


(Drawing + self esteem)

Writing, concept, art

9. The Idea Emporium Activity book

(design + problem solving)

Growing the imagination and out of the box problem-solving with this design book of an imaginary mall

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10. Fairy Online School

(Healing + intuition)

Over fourteen illustrated e-learning classes with workbooks and videos.

11. Comfort Cards for


(Self help)

Writing, concept, art, design

12. Feeling with the Masters

(Art + self help)

Book in the making