Alexander Calder and his love of Starfish; Design Lessons at Home #5

Alexander Calder was a fabulous inventor/sculptor and modern artist. He is also one of my favorites. My family were able to see his giant mobiles at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art back in January.

These sculptures are huge and filled up a room.

Most of the mobiles move or float in space. He is known for his moving mobiles.

Calder had created a series of work that have a STARFISH theme to them.

Interpretation/Drawing of "Starfish" / Bronze / 1944

I did a little search for his work on Starfish and found more! There were several whimsical and colorful paintings. In his childhood he lived near Pasadena. Was he influenced creatively by the ocean life?

QUESTION: Artists are inspired by their environment and what surrounds them. The environment is their 'muse.' When I created my Idea Emporium, the crows became major characters. Where I live in Arizona, there are many, many crows that live in the pine trees that surround me. What inspires your creating from your environment?


Scavenger Hunt on the Web! I doodled a few of Alexander Calder's starfish paintings while researching his work. Can you match these doodles with the paintings you find on the web?

Where is this one:

And this one:

I am going to explore and research why Calder included so many starfish in his creations. For extra fun, why don't you, too? Let me know what you find!

Until next time,

Designing Fairy

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