Design Lessons at Home #1: Design Your Monster

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Fears are a tough thing to tackle. Especially when you can't tie them down to fix them. Today we will be designing and drawing our Fear Monster and then we will give him/her a toy to play with.

How can you make drawing that captures your Fear?

YOUR DESIGN ASSIGNMENT: If your fears and anxious thoughts were a monster what would it look like? What color would it be? What size? What special power would it have? Would it spit fire? Throw darts? Kill plants with its breath? What's he/she made out of?

YOUR LIMITS: 1. Draw only with one art material, like, draw only in color pencil, or in markers, or make your monster only in scrap papers cut from magazines. 2. Have your monster fill up an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper.

Here's mine:

He is made out of parts that were around and red blocks.

Now, your monster is super scared and needs something to do so draw him or her a toy to play with whenever he gets scared. I drew a balloon he can play with.

A little inspiration for drawing your monsters

Stop by here in a few days for your next design lesson. Until next time,

All the best, Designing Fairy

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