Art Lessons at Home: Design Your Lost Thing

How's everyone holding up? Going a little bonko nuts or channeling all that good creative energy into making things?

Here's a fun lesson I created based on the fabulously talented Shaun Tan's The Lost Thing, which I absolutely adore. I found this video and the storybook it was based on while taking a Expressive Arts course in Grad school. I fell in love. It's a story about belonging and odd creatures, and friendship.

"Something that doesn't quite fit."

First, watch the Lost Thing.

Shaun Tan talks about his creative process here:

Now, let's play. Design your lost thing based on the creatures in Utopia at the end of the movie.

Shortcut to creating:

Extra Fun. Write about Belonging.

Here's what I created, my Lost Thing design.

Until next time,

Designing Fairy

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