Design Lessons at Home

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

So what do you do when everyone is self quarantining? Is quarantining a word? And you want to make stuff for others? The kids are about to be home for awhile and I need to do something for them and me, and my friends. So I thought, why not share what I love to do for the kids and their adults going frantic at home among the anxiety and the fears. I introduce several times a week inspiration for creating at home right here on my bloggedy blog. Meet the characters from the Idea Emporium mall as they teach fun art and design lessons that will inspire your creating. I will take you to virtual museums, links to fun art stuff to experiment with, art resources you didn't know about, as we hunker down and embrace our creativity to keep everyone emotionally a float. #artlessons #creativityathome #artathome #kidsarebored

Go to your first lesson.

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