Good Inspiration vs. Bad Inspiration Experiment

Welcome to my new blog, The Daily Bird, where I share insights learned and attempt to draw and share my daily bird. I read an article recently that talked of the importance of a daily art form journal to keep the creative juices flowing. (I also miss writing and sharing and it's been a long while.) I've been experimenting with animations and drawing feeling birds and have this desire to be more faithful to this practice. Whether one person sees this or many is not the goal, but to keep creating. Keep sharing.

I want to talk about #inspiration. Inspiration is the juice for all designers and creatives. It's the fuel to your car's tank. Ever dream about your battery dying? You might be low in #inspiration. But being selective in what to put into your tank is priority. That cruddy low price stuff makes your car engine knock.

Good Inspiration keeps your creative juices flowing. Bad inspiration stops it up. Good inspiration sends you to the studio, the pen, the art materials gathering up dust in the corner that you bought with hopes of playing with. Bad inspiration has you googling diseases, wallowing in not enough's and wanting to eat a bag of Frito's. I believe creative people are filled to the brim with ideas, creative juice and a flood of energy that if not jumped into and avoided can backfire and cause damage to the creative system. For one week I took note of each form of inspiration I was filling up on and this is what I found.

I believe creative people are filled to the brim with ideas, creative juice and a flood of energy that if not jumped into and avoided can backfire and cause damage to the creative system.

Examples of Bad Inspiration:

  1. Facebook feeds

Facebook feeds can fall into both categories, but in this case, I am noting the unhelpful. After one morning of checking out feeds I was convinced I should not drink tea because of the warning of particulates floating around in my cup after usage. I then went on a google research rampage on the subject and pretty much avoided working on my book, which is not the goal. Creative people are an imaginative group and we can either create amazing worlds or create imaginary nooses around our necks that squeeze out anything halfway good.

2. Some television programs and movies

I pretty much know I am avoiding creating, or feelings, or life, when I throw myself into television that is unhelpful to me. In one week, out of pure anxiety about my upcoming Thesis Project I watched nothing but programs that turned into involving sex and violence, which led me to google about a whole bunch of dark subjects to understand statistics on crime and why people do bad stuff. To some folks, this is a great escape that burns off feelings, but for me, not so much. By the way, here's two shows that were very dark and moody and overall not very helpful to the sensitive creative: Flesh and Bone, and 13 Reasons Why.

3. Celebrities

Did you know Demi Moore was cheated on by Ashton Kutcher and that's what drove her to a downward spiral back into drugs? I didn't either! But I'm not sure now how that piece of knowledge assists my own life or helps me move forward. My natural empathy's little arms reaching out to Demi when I hear this really, really doesn't help me either. She is basically sharing this piece of information that is highly personal to sell a book. She is writing books and I'm avoiding mine right now, which definitely is once again, UNHELPFUL.

All of these clogged up the works, which equals = high anxiety, feeling generally bad and uncreative.

Here's the good stuff. Examples of Good Inspiration:

1. Pinterest!

I love Pinterest. It's the one forum I can see inspiration, follow cool links, and not be bombarded by fake men from Nigeria wanting to be my bestie, people's photoshopped selfies and rock hard abs, and weird followers who have done zero market research when they send me a hair weaves account or gym tips to follow. I have gotten the best ideas, book suggestions, and artists to check out just from my feed. Creating Vision and Mood Boards are easy as peasy using Pinterest also. Check out my feed here.

2. Art and Fashion Shows

My one friend sends me animation show links all the time and I love it. Fill me up with Miyazaki and sweetness any day. My family has Netflix so I can stream documentaries when I want to. So far, I have enjoyed fashion documentaries, such as, Manolo and House of Z. I can fill up on whole seasons of Project Runway because it inspires me to design. Over on Amazon Prime, I enjoyed the origin story of Meow Wolf and the documentary on Yayoi Kusama. Seeing real creatives endure, work hard, and succeed is inspiring and hopeful.

3. Folks Doing Good and Real People

This is a broad category but a good one to fill up on. Recently in the news we heard about the fabulous little Swedish activist, Greta Thunberg. Hearing her story and her voice sing loud and clear I wanted to run out and make change myself. This inspires my purpose and why I am here. Any Ted Talks or specials by Brene Brown helps me regroup back to myself and realize what truly matters is what is REAL.

Inspiration is best taken in early in the morning when you first start your day or later in night when you reflect. I am finding that I would like to start the day with Good Inspiration to be on the right track.

Take the Creative Challenge:

What Good Inspiration can you start filling up with? And, which clogs up the works?

Until next time, all the best,

Ronni, Designing Fairy

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