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Animal Communicator
since 1999!

And now for my animal-loving and woo-woo side (which makes interesting stories at parties) my Designing Fairy magic toolbox also includes talking to animals.


I started talking to animals again after I reconnected to my intuitive abilities from childhood after losing my mom to cancer in 1995. This led me to study with Teresa Wagner and Anita Curtis. I then opened my practice in Pennsylvania talking to the horses in barns, the 4-H groups, and private national pet parents in 1999 working with them on behavioral and emotional issues of their companions. By the time I moved to Arizona in 2000, my business blossomed and I starred in an animal communication pilot show focused on animal

after-death communication, shot in beautiful Sedona.


In 2005, I created an online school that included animal communication,  flower essences, help for the sensitive, and fun fairy classes. I specialized in working with empaths and sensitive people, like myself, even writing a book series, Help! I'm Sensitive. The school was considered an online pioneer in the healing field and included international students.


In 2015, I retired from readings and closed the school to focus on my design/illustration business (this website!) - a new Master's degree focused on design for learning, and help raising my step kids.  During that time my intuitive abilities began to burst outward and upward. About three years ago, after I had asked him how to "make my abilities go away," my chiropractor/healer told me point blank I needed to use my abilities, and I was a "bridge" between worlds. I needed to help others again, but now in a much more grounded space. I sought out Seth Michael, a medium, for mentoring.  I realized that being an empath is a part of who I am and will always be, as well as being that healer that wants to be of service. 


Today, our animal companions are working double time to support us through the heavy stresses post Pandemic. They need our support now more than ever, as do we! I look forward to helping you and your animals.

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Communicator facts

• 23+ years experience as a professional animal communicator with dogs, cats, horses and birds
• Currently, dog parent
• Super empathic and highly sensitive (Hsp), and I love assisting fellow sensitives
• Certified in Mediumship with Doreen Virtue (when she was still woo-woo) and Reiki Master Teacher; Mentorship with Seth Michael
• Can't watch movies where the animals get hurt
• Has a Master's of Science degree in Educational Technology (that's my very analytical, "detective" side)
• I go by Ronni (she, her)



I act as detective for your animals solving mysteries. Questions like, Why doesn't she get along with my new cat? Is she hurting? She seems sad, what is she feeling? What are they helping me with?  The goal of any reading is closer, more connected relationship between you and your animal companion. Most readings are like diving for treasure. We might start in the shallow end with simple answers, and as we probe deeper we find the gold, or what the true issue and needs are. 

I need a recent photo of your animal and questions

There's a bit of magic in conducting readings as I can connect through a photograph. I first feel empathically your animal's unique personality and step into their paws, so to speak. I then receive images in my mind, feelings, and thoughts, and sometimes, just a "knowing" as the animal communicates. I often hear words also. If we are we on Zoom or FB Video I can connect by seeing your animal, which is helpful. You will want to prepare about five main questions you want to know from an animal, and perhaps, a goal of what information you are seeking. Keep in mind, keeping the questions open-ended gives more answers. It's also important to not share too much information. I want the information to come from the animal and not be blocked or swayed by facts you provide ahead of time.

Your Animal Provides the Information

Important to note, I usually receive only what your animal communicates to me. If your animal is a high energy "talker" I will receive a ton of information. For example, I once spoke with a puppy and the puppy would chat like crazy and then just stopped every time the puppy saw something interesting - a sock, a toy, his cat. There was a great deal of on and off communication. Also note, your animal is not a veterinarian but can communicate where parts of its body hurts or can show me problem images. 

Behavioral, Health, or Emotional Issues

Many animal moms and dads come to me concerned on what an animal is feeling or needing, or if she/he is having a behavioral issue. In these situations I connect to the animal for his/her perspective and needs. For an animal conflict, I connect to each animal to see what each is feeling and their perspective to come to an understanding with each other, or to give their person a different perspective to handle the situation. Many cases might need a trainer to assist and I refer one. For health issues, always take your animal to a veterinarian. The information I provide helps direct the doctor to problem areas that are needing attention.  

After Death Communication

Not only am I able to connect to your animal's feelings and thoughts, but I can connect to animals that have crossed over, providing a bridge, which is a specialty. One of the hardest parts of being an animal parent, is losing them. I have felt this pain too often. Being able to reconnect often buffers that pain and helps to keep the connection going in Spirit if it is healthy to do so. I feel that animals that come to me are coordinated on the other side to show up, but in the rare situation your particular animal doesn't show up, I ask that you are open to who shows up to talk, and sometimes, that is a person.

Other Situations

Although I have successfully conducted lost animal cases I do refer them out to a few communicators that specialize in that skill. 

Code of Ethics

I have always followed Penelope Smith's Animal Communicator Code of Ethics with the intention of doing no harm, but only of being of assistance.

Types of Readings:

    Animal Phone or Zoom/FB Chat Regular Reading

On my own, in a quiet space with no distractions, I connect ahead to your animal with your goals and questions in mind before a reading. Then you and I connect on the phone or zoom/FB chat with your animal and discuss my initial communication and cover your questions in a slot slated for you to discuss what I received and ask for further clarification. I can provide a typed transcript of the session with the animal to you sent in an email after the session. One pet to two pets only at one time. After death communication falls under this category.

   Animal Phone Reading Follow-up 

Same as above process but intended for a follow-up reading after the initial reading. Contact me to arrange.



People Spirit Reading

With a people spirit reading we connect by phone or Zoom or FB Messenger with your goals in mind and then we connect to your Spirit Guides and Spirits that want to come in to give you messages to help you on your path. My particular ability is in connecting to those spirits or guides who are working with you at this time, combined with empathic reading information. Many times those we have loved and lost will work with us on the Other Side as helpers and guides. Please note, I do not do predictive stuff.

2023 Reading Times

Readings are scheduled mostly for weekend time slots at this time. I am Arizona time. When you contact me, we can arrange the time. 

Payment & Cancellation Policy

Payment is expected before the reading to reserve the space. Please allow 24 hours or more ahead for cancellations. Readings without 24 hour notice are not refunded. No shows are not refunded. Do respect my time. Payment is through Venmo, Paypal, or check by arrangement. If I am unable to reach or connect to your animal, I will let you know, and the session is fully refunded.

First Step: Pay for a reading

You can email me first if you like!  Readings must be prepaid to save your spot. Pay by Paypal (click below)

 or Venmo (Ronni-RoseSwanson), or check

2023 RATES:

Dog in the Park
Animal Reading

Longer Reading or Multiple Pets

Phone, FB Chat, or Google Meet

Includes prior check-in and one hour meeting 

Angel Statue
People Spirit Guide/Empath

45 minute $150

Phone, FB Chat, or Google Meet 


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 Happy clients



When life unexpectedly gifted us a sweet five month old rescue pup, our old 12 year old purebred Black Lab, Beauregard Bosslie Buffo, was not amused! Ronni Swanson, Animal Communicator Extraordinaire, to the rescue! Having no previous knowledge of our family she was able to immediately tune in to our individual animals’ personalities and understood their complicated dynamic. We were then able to relax knowing that Bogie understood Suzy Q (pictured left) wasn’t trying to take his place and that he knew puppies just like to play remembering how he enjoyed being a pup, back in the days when he still could see and hear and wasn’t limited so much from arthritis. Bogie and Suzy Q both enjoyed a fond connection after our meeting. I will always be grateful for the messages given that day. I highly recommend Ronni’s Intuitive Readings to anyone wishing a closer connection to their animal, a better understanding of possible motives behind behaviors, or more insight into lifestyle or health issues with your pet.

Wendy Buffo, CA, USA

Screen Shot 2020-09-25 at 12.23.58

My little feline, Katie, was grieving. She was 19 1/2 years old and had just lost her littermate Chelsea. ​I thought she was shutting down, no longer eating, sleeping nonstop, and hiding. She was always at my side, so this new behavior really concerned me. I was heartbroken, but I always promised her I would never let her suffer. So, I prepared to say goodbye...I had heard about Ronni and wanted to communicate with Katie in case she had any final thoughts for me. The call was scheduled the morning of euthanasia, which was to happen that afternoon. I sat on my bed, where Katie was sleeping on my pillow. The call came in from Ronni, and Katie's eyes opened up. Ronni started doing whatever she does to communicate with these amazing sentient beings, and within minutes she said: "Katie doesn't want to die! She has a tummy ache and is sad, but she isn't ready to go."

"What?" I said. After many tears of joy and relief, endless Thank Yous... I ended with Ronni and called the veterinarian to cancel the euthanasia. Katie lived another 2 years! 

- Jocelyne Monette, Pet Memorial Center, Canada

I have too many stories of Ronni with my neighbors and friend's animals to list. The husbands of two friends just happened to observe Ronni with their animals which they knew their past. They didn't even want to be there never mind believe in communicating with animals. Both of them had their jaws dropped open hearing what Ronni was saying about their animals. Both are firm believers now. 

A neighbor lady that knew exactly where her horse came from and the whole story was curious and didn't say anything about her horse until Ronni was done. She was testing to see if Ronni could really read the animal's past. The whole time Ronni was into the past with the horse the horse threw his head and pushed the owner around. She said he never acts like that! He calmed right down and stood calmly when she was done. The owner said the reading was exactly right on. I've personally witnessed 3 horses that displayed that same action while Ronni was communicating. 

- Sandy "Boots" Elliott, Arizona

Ronni is the real deal! She has done several readings for me over the years, connecting with my dogs as well as cats, both living and those that have crossed over. Not only can Ronni convey messages and conversations, she can also create visible, positive changes in behavior. In one instance, Ronni connected with Sophie, my Doberman, who was terrorizing my two cats. Sophie constantly chased them to the point that the cats were living on top of my refrigerator for safety. Nothing we did or said could stop Sophie from chasing the cats whenever she saw them. Ronni connected with Sophie who told Ronni, to my surprise, that she chased the cats because she thought they liked it.  Because dogs instinctively like playing chase, she thought the cats did, too. Ronni told Sophie that was not the case, that Mommy (me) didn’t want her to chase the cats and she must stop immediately. I was astounded that immediately after Ronni connected with Sophie she stopped chasing the cats. From that time on, the cats and Sophie lived amiably together.   


- Heather Eisenstadt, Florida

Thank you Faerie Ronni.I wanted to tell you I really like you and I feel like mommy heard me and understands.She carried me into the room today while I was laying on my pillow and I felt like a queen.I then wanted her really close to me on my fuzzy.Mommy feels heard too. She is ordering the oil and I know she feels excited about this big step.You brought a tidal wave of golden dust sparkles into our hearts You are very special and kind and I know mommy feels the same.Okay Miss Ronni, again I really thank you for your goodness and grace.All my love and I hope we talk again.I love new friends.Warm snuggles, Pixie

Jacqueline Johnson, Florida

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