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Color & Imagination Chapter Exercise


Floating Cupcakes Challenge


Floating Cupcakes are also sold in the Cupcake area. A rather

fun and silly idea, but quite popular, the problem with making

them is how do you put the frosting on the cupcake when the

frosting floats up?


Warm Up Your Imagination!

There is a special area set back in the Idea

Emporium Bakery that is only for selling cupcakes. It is very popular. There are all kinds of magical cupcakes including Marjorie’s favorite, the Color-Changing Cupcakes. Not every cupcake that is designed is a hit. Some ideas don’t work out as planned. Design more cupcake ideas that might not make the Bakery counter. If you like to draw, sketch your ideas, or, write the ideas down.

Download and Print Playsheet
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Take the Design Challenge

Come up with a few solutions to the Floating Cupcake Challenge to help Marj and Reg in the Bakery Department. Print out the flyer or use a sketchbook for your ideas. Then join the FORUM to share your ideas!

Sample Solutions from

Fellow Designers

• Make the cupcakes float as well

• Flip the cupcake upside down

• Use honey, caramel, or something equally sticky to make the frosting stick

•  Weigh down the frosting with heavy sprinkles

• Sell additional octopus toppers to hold the icing down

Design Tip