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About Ronni

Designer &  Inventor • Whimsical Illustrator • Teacher • Designing Fairy

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Welcome to My Studio & Invention Room

"I believe in my "Rubber Ducky Theory" -- the idea that even the mundane can be fun (like a rubber ducky to play with in a bathtub) and that we learn best when the process is entertaining. Learning can be fun for all ages."

I'm a designing fairy. I love many forms of design -- the compiling, planning, bringing vision to finished product or program.


One hat I have is I design, illustrate and invent for learning, whether, Social Emotional, Lifelong or Academic.

 A teacher at heart, I teach through what I invent including a Fairy Online School helping the Sensitive, a Haunted House how to draw, or an imaginary mall that helps blast through boxed in thinking. I believe learning should be fun and engaging for all ages (adults too!) whatever the topic. To create I use my skills in whimsical, digital and traditional illustration, graphic design, animation, video, and my education, a Master's degree in learning theories and how people learn best with educational technology.


Another hat I've added more recently, I've added fashion and textile design to my repertoire. I use a spark of whimsical and fairy magic in all my designs.

If I am not inventing I am teaching over at Pima Community College (Digital Arts).


Contact Me

I'm always looking for new and interesting collaborations. Let's connect.  Email me or fill out the Contact Form.

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