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Halloween Prompt

Join me for 31 Days of Design Inspiration and Prompts (and some design tips). It's the 3rd Annual Idea Emporium Prompts.

Hello from Ronni
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Hello! My name is Ronni Rose Swanson and I am a Designing Fairy. ​I want everything I create to provide tools for others to help them grow and thrive, always packaged in an entertaining and fun way. I believe learning can be fun (my rubber ducky theory) even with tough, emotional subjects. I also design clever and memorable illustrated graphics for education and self help.


My creations are backed by my degrees in Design for Learning & Technology, and Media for Learning, two decades of designing and illustrating, and my long career in the healing and teaching fields. My focus is designing for kids and Lifelong Learning Adults. 

I love to collaborate with museums, small businesses, publishers, and innovative teaching venues.

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Under the Sea Coloring Page
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"Cozy" is the theme for my Fall/Winter Offerings in My Shop. Go Shop!

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