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1. Inventions/Designs
Feeling with the Masters
online art modules for high school students - Using art lessons to cope with heavy Pandemic emotions

An online class consisting of modules for older children providing tools to deal with the complicated emotions experienced from the pandemic through creative drawing lessons that couple the techniques and art of the Modern Masters. Interactive pdfs and slides. Created with Adobe Photoshop, video, inDesign, Google Slides.


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How to Take Care of Your Dog
interactive e-learning for children - Lessons for better relationship with a new pet

Seeing a need for children to better understand how to act around a new dog adopted from the animal shelter, I designed this interactive. Created with Axure Interactive, Procreate illustration, Photoshop.

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Idea Emporium
online Design Education & Creativity activity book and program - better problem solving for kids

My thesis work project focused on learning how to think out of the box and blast through Stuck in the Hole thinking through design-based exercises with multimedia and online interaction. Developing the program now for a major university. Created with hand-drawn and digital illustration/animation, Adobe Photoshop, and inDesign.

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What is Educational Animation
animated video microlearning lecture

Informational video with animation defining what educational animation is. Created with hand-drawn and digital illustration, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Audacity. 

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Indian Gardens Pollution Pickup
online interactive for kids - awareness of environment

Interactive game for kids teaching the importance of cleaning up the environment of litter. Created with Aris, Adobe Photoshop. Photography, concept, game design.

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Word Swirls activity book
activity book for kids
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Fairy Online School
virtual school creation and online curriculum for adult lifelong learners - Creative tools for healing with Nature and animals & help for the sensitive

A one man show: first of its kind virtual school of 14+ online classes for adults went international and lasted for ten years. Included workbooks, videos and digital media and all aspects of production and marketing. Created with Schoology LMS, inDesign, Video Production, Wordpress, Photoshop. Learn more.

2. Illustrations for Education & Kids Mags

Ronni Rose Swanson, M.S.

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